Bereavement Support Groups

“This world may bring deep darkness, but we are the bearers of light.
We’ll join our flames together, and shine in the blackest of nights.”
John Mark Green

Bereavement Support Groups

We offer bereavement support groups at various times throughout the year. Groups are offered at no charge and are open to members of the Vancouver community, as well as those who have lost a loved one at the hospice. Facilitated by our clinical counsellors, they provide a safe and supportive space to explore the profound experience of grief and loss. Pre-registration is required.

For more info, contact Vanessa Silva at 604-737-7305 local 216

Spousal Loss Online Support Group via Zoom
4 Tuesdays (4:00 – 6:00 pm) starting June 8, 2021
To register contact Louise Bélisle at (604) 737-7305 local 216
Or e-mail:
View Flyer Here

Our Bereavement Program is funded by donations from members of the community.
We are immensely grateful for their generosity, compassion, and continued support!
To donate CLICK HERE.